Business Solutions through I.T. transformation


Datam Development helps big and medium companies grow and improve their business efficiency by driving  I.T transformations that are adapted to their specific, present, and future needs. This will help deliver better operational  management, reactivity, and accountability across all key functions of their operations…

Before and beyond software, we provide 360° business solutions by assessing, designing, and implementing architectures that put key stakeholders & users at the center of the design and help align all assets (tools, processes & teams) around consistent objectives and actionable data.

This integrated, cross-functional and needs-driven approach to Technology has helped us establish long- term relationships since 1988 with more than 100 clients across 3 continents and various industry sectors (Financial Services, Distribution, Non-Profit, etc…)


In Focus: Dynamics GP and ERP solutions

We have developed a specific expertise and proprietary methodology in business process analysis & evaluation…

Evaluate all data flow, reduce duplication, and streamline processes…make shared, relevant  information  accessible to key user groups…

We focus on empowering each user around task level efficiencies and training them for the long-term according to well thought-out process that is documented in a company process manual

Business Cases

  • Full process re-engineering and ERP deployment for a prominent Environmental Non-Profit (Dynamics GP)
  • Enterprise Budgeting solutions for leading subscription-based Financial Market Research Online service (Forecaster)
  • Enable departmental P&L analysis on both pre and post expense allocation basis by redesigning the chart of accounts and establishing a multi-method waterfall allocation engine for an international Hedge Fund operation  (GP Dynamics)
  • Business process analysis & EDI implementation for a global brand of child mobility products (GP Dynamics)
  • Restructure Inventory, sales order processing & manufacturing processes for a regional countertop fabricator/installer to perform production management, field labor scheduling, increased customer service and better procurement. (GP Dynamics)
  • Implementation design that included HR and extensive data integration with other vendor systems for a large Regional Broker-dealer (GPO Dynamics)
  • Custom design XRM system for an International Mailing company  (DATAM proprietary)



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