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Our services can include the full life-cycle of a transformation project which can include project management, solutions architecture, infra-structure, software, implementation, and end-user training or a less formal on-going support consulting arrangement. The Datam team is part of your team and our goals are your goals, both immediate and long term.

Investing in a proper Business Solutions Architecture phase or analysis is the key to the success of any transformation project, no matter how small. It is better to formulate a "wish-list" and be adaptable to fluid requirements while the process is on paper than to jump into a software configuration situation to find out that the initial path will not meet the final requirements.


ERP System

We focus our ERP work on the Microsoft Dynamics GP product line and all of the associated products. The product is used in over 50,000 companies worldwide and can be configured / customized to meet your requirements. We believe in "engineering" the use of the Dynamics GP specific to each client before layering on additional software to meet additional requirements.

The services menu will describe our methodologies in further detail.

Enterprise Budgeting

We are certified in Microsoft Forecaster, the leading companywide budgeting software and its newer version replacement product Management Reporter.

more on Management Report


xRM Systems

We offer Dynamics CRM solutions as well as proprietary business software. Our proprietary business software can be stand-alone or can share the Dynamics GP data tables.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence enables people to make more informed business decisions with confidence. We are well versed in Sales and Marketing analysis, Financial Reporting, Gross Margin, Commission structures, etc and assist our clients in utilizing their ERP systems as the single source for all of the corporate informational needs and analysis. One of our primary goals is to relieve the duplication of information in multiple databases and Excel spreadsheets across the enterprise. All eyes should be on the same information and efficiency increases a reconciliation between systems decreases.



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