Custom Software

Our services include fully designed custom software that is stand-alone or is integrated to the Dynamics GP data tables.

Theater Company Management Software (Houseseats System)

Created in 2007 to automate a single purpose functionality of managing the Broadway houseseats process for Wicked, it has grown to include multi-purpose functionality to combine all of the information into a single depository. The modules include Houseseats Management, Cast and Crew Management, Production Diary, as well as Take and Wrap analysis.

GP Functionality- Cross-module modification to manage multiple legal entities within a single GP company and maintain independent Payables accounts when using a single Operating Account.

There are many situations where a single GP company is used to manage many legal entities with the account segments designed for the reporting and financial requirements. There is native functionality that can be activated to manage the Due To / Due From balancing transaction entries to keep each entity in balance.

The use of a single checking account will create and maintain a single payables account which will not provide accurate financial statements, it will only indicate a Due To balance to offset the expense.

Our customization will enable each entity to maintain an individual payables account along with their Contribution to the Operating Account in addition to the Due To an Due From accounts. This functionality is extended several of the pertainent windows.

xRM system designed to manage the entire operartion of a nationwide International Mail facility company that integrated with their ERP system for financial processing and reporting

The system was in use by 100s of employees in warehouse and offices located from coast to coast. The company was sold and the system is currently in use by Pitney Bowes International Mailing Services.

The xRM system primary function is to manage the individual customer jobs as they are processed throughout the warehouse and consolidated into outbound manifests per vendor. All of the outbound shipment documentation is created and information is passed to the vendors electronically where appropriate.

The job information is invoiced to the customer on a timely basis (daily) and immediately becomes part of the gross margin reports and commission tracking. The vendor manifests are reconciled with the invoices and are pre-approved when they are transferred to the ERP system for payment processing.

The system provides upto the minute information for the Customer Service department when dealing with job tracking, individual package tracking, and detailed invoice review. The invoice layouts are varied and can be customized to meet the specific demands of the customers.

The entire system provided flexibility to meet customer demands and achieve a leg-up on the competition.


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GP Auxiliary Systems

Even with the extensive group of approved products created as add-ons to Dynamics GP or as integrated products, certain companys have a need that is very specific.

Datam Development can create a fully functionaly external software package that can share the GP data to add functionality for users that do not have a need to be in ERP or require a full GP license.